* Use the arrow keys or hjkl to move the cursor around the editor.
* Page up and page down work as expected.
* Type :123 and hit enter to move to the 123rd byte in the file.

Editing bytes
The keys 0-9 and a-f will overwrite the current nibble (half-byte).

Saving changes
*Type :w and hit enter to save the file.
*Type :w <some_other_file> and hit enter to save changes to a different file.

Type :q and hit enter to quit.
Packages are available for the following releases:
Ubuntu 16.04: 0.0.0+git161119-1~getdeb1
Ubuntu 16.10: 0.0.0+git161119-1~getdeb1
Ubuntu 17.04: 0.0.0+git161119-1~getdeb1

Package downloads per version:
Version 0.0.0+git161119: 536

Install the application manually with the following commands:
sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install hexitor

Uninstall the application with the following command:
sudo apt-get remove hexitor

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