How Technology has Transformed the Sales Industry

With weeks to go until the calendar displays a new year and a new decade, now is a good time for salespeople to reflect on the Technology they currently use and the Technology they could be using to increase their overall performance. From prospecting to closing deals, few areas of sales have not felt the effect of Technology. Below are some specific examples of how sales have changed in just the past few years.

Signing Contracts Anywhere

It’s no longer necessary for the parties involved in a sales transaction to meet in person to sign the required paperwork. It can come as a welcome relief, especially when one party lives hundreds of miles from the other. Many companies now use electronic signature functionality that enables people to sign documents on their computers using programs such as EchoSign by Adobe or DocuSign. Others allow customers to print out documents, sign them, scan them into their computer, and send them back electronically.

Hold a Web Conference from Multiple Locations

In the past, it could be a logistical nightmare for salespeople, managers, and customers to meet in a single location to discuss critical information. Online web conferences have made it possible to hold a meeting with participants being in different time zones or even different parts of the world. Not only can teams meet remotely with software such as Zoom, but they can also share screenshots. People who meet frequently can set up a permanent conference room and speak face-to-face within a matter of minutes.

Better Prospecting of Targets

Online tools such as Bizo and Lead Accelerator from LinkedIn make it easier than ever for sales professionals to find targeted leads. They can search for leads using qualifiers such as industry, job title, company name, and company revenue to receive highly accurate and targeted prospects who would likely start further along in the buying cycle than other leads. These tools also enable sales professionals to send a direct email to their targets without having to spend time searching for contact information.

Tracking Data for Sent Emails

Most salespeople have access to information that tells them if a prospect opened their email or attachments and whether they clicked on any links within the email. Unfortunately, this data isn’t enough to truly give salespeople an edge over the competition. They can find that by using new Technology like the SalesHandy or Yesware software programs. These programs make it possible to send personalized emails while also tracking dozens of metrics. It focuses on real-time events and actionable tips, following up by providing the user with specific tips to improve email marketing success.

The Shift to Conceptual Selling

In addition to the many technological advances, one of the biggest changes in sales in the past several years is a focus on concept selling vs. solution selling. With conceptual selling, the salesperson manages previous and current problems for the customer while always taking a proactive approach to solving upcoming issues before they have a detrimental effect. Solution selling, on the other hand, only offers solutions for what is happening now. Embracing Technology and this new mindset could have an enormous impact on sales success going forward.

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