What is a sponsor?

An individual, a project, a website or a company who sets up a recurring donation to help GetDeb financially on a montly basis.

How much does it costs?

The amount is decided by the sponsor. The more the sponsor gives the better but the important thing is to give something.

What are the advantages of this system for GetDeb?

By sponsoring GetDeb you contribute to giving the development team a regular and predictable income. This is the best form of income for GetDeb and for its developers/packagers to start working full time on it. We want GetDeb to finance itself and are targeting for 200 € per month to have servers paid and to upgrade the amount of bandwidth for the servers.

What are the advantages of this system for the sponsors?

Sponsors get their name associated with the success of GetDeb. If they have a logo we show it on the front page with a link to their website (each sponsor's chances of being shown is equal to the percentage his contribution represents among other sponsors)



Providing a mirror is also an excelent way to support the project, we have high traffic and some large packages. If you can afford it please do not hesitate to use the contact link.

The following organizations are currently supporting us with mirrors:

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