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Swipe Right to Find the Best Dating Apps of 2019

Datings remains a popular pastime the world over, and in the United States as much as anywhere, the search for love has driven people to the internet. And there are plenty of candidates. Estimates are that more than 50% of the US population is made up of single adults. An estimated 50 million Americans are using dating sites, and over 30% of young adults report using them.

But which dating apps are the best and most effective? Let’s take a look at the top five, based on a variety of factors. Perhaps one will be the dating site for you.


Bumble is designed and marketed for women, and it’s one of the only sights to operate based on a timer. Women are required to message first, and if the recipient fails to message back within 24 hours, he loses the potential match.

Designed to encourage contact, some people appreciate the timer. But unless you’re on the app all the time, or if you’re someone for whom procrastination is an issue, this site may not be your first choice. Sine women send the message. First, Bumble weeds out insecure males, which is good for the discerning female. On the other hand, the men who are on Bumble tend to be overly confident alpha males, and they bring their own set of problems. Bumble offers a BFF feature if dating isn’t precisely what you’re looking for.


For hookups or LTRs (long-term relationships), Tinder remains popular and effective. Tinder is popular. It’s become the first stop on the date site train for most first-timers. With all those choices, it may be time for you to start swiping!

Tinder profiles are brief, so there’s no need to pour over a bunch of some stranger’s lies about themselves. You can also quickly discern who may or may not be right for you quickly so you can keep swiping, as need be. But the shorter profiles can make it more difficult harder to suss out whether you might be the right person for them. Also, what do you message to them when you know so little about them.


OkCupid profiles are more in-depth than most dating sites (especially Tinder). If you answer their series of questions, they help you gauge compatibility with a reasonable Match/Enemy percentage ratio.

After a few recent tweaks, OkCupid has become more like Tinder, featuring swiping and match-first messaging. You can send a message, but the recipient won’t see it until you match. You can still send a message, it just won’t show up in the recipient’s inbox unless you match.


Hinge focuses on shared Facebook connections, the idea being that you will like people who are friends of your family and friends. And if you trust the judgment of your family and friends, that’s great. But a lot of people just accept Facebook friendships with people they don’t actually know so the actual friendship connection and trust factor can become irrelevant quite quickly. The app asks questions to help you make better connections, is a plus.

There is more dating site than these, of course, but these are far and away considered the best. Of course, you’re welcome to try the rest. Good luck and good swiping!

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