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qrcode 4.0.4-1~getdeb1
QR Code image generator
This module uses image libraries, Python Imaging Library (PIL) by default, to generate QR Codes.

Available for Ubuntu: 12.04, 13.10

Updated: 2013-11-01 18:18:59 | Changes

Ubuntu Tweak 0.8.6-1~getdeb1
Ubuntu Configuration Tool
Ubuntu Tweak is a tool for Ubuntu that makes it easy to configure your system and desktop settings.

Available for Ubuntu: 12.04, 13.10

Updated: 2013-10-14 20:01:13 | Changes

Wibom 0.12-1~getdeb2~saucy
Wine bottle management
Wine is the program for running applications for Microsoft Windows on other operating systems, primary on GNU/Linux. This program creates in the user's home directory a folder called .wine containing user preferences, the simplified version of Windows registers and files structure of simulated disk C:. Many Wine users don't know there can be more those folders coexisting. They are called bottles. Because of bottles it is possible to have a few isolated instances of "Pseudowindows" on one system.

Available for Ubuntu: 13.10

Updated: 2013-10-12 15:30:27 | Changes

Rubyripper 0.6.2-1~getdeb2~saucy
Digital audio extraction algorithm
It uses cdparanoia in a sophisticated way to make sure that a CD rip is done successfully and accurately. It is very similar to and inspired by EAC. Rubyripper is written in the ruby programming language.

Available for Ubuntu: 13.10

Updated: 2013-10-12 14:30:24 | Changes

Pagoda Terminal Client 0.7.8-1~getdeb2~saucy
Terminal client for pagodabox
Terminal client for interacting with the pagodabox. This client does not contain full API functionality, just functionality that will enhance the workflow experience.

Available for Ubuntu: 13.10

Updated: 2013-10-12 13:00:23 | Changes

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