GetDeb Package Updates The latest GetDeb package updates. Thu, 03 Dec 2009 22:59:09 GMT PyRSS2Gen-1.0.0 Nautilus Flickr Uploader 0.05-1~getdeb1 Flickr Uploader This is a simple GUI to upload pics to Flickr from Nautilus file browser (should work with KDE though).<br> Available for Ubuntu: 9.10 nautilus-flickr-uploader-0.05-1~getdeb1 2010-03-11 11:20:02 Cinepaint 0.22.1+really0.25.0cvs-1~getdeb2 CinePaint is a painting and image retouching program designed to work best with 35mm film and other high resolution high dynamic range images. Through its frame manager and flipbook player, CinePaint can be used for painting of background mattes and for the frame-by-frame retouching of movies. Its studio developers incluce Rhythm & Hues, Sony Pictures Imageworks, DreamWorks and ILM.<br> Available for Ubuntu: 9.10, 10.04 cinepaint-0.22.1+really0.25.0cvs-1~getdeb2 2010-03-10 17:58:02 DeVeDe 3.16.5-1~getdeb1 Program to create video DVDs and CDs (VCD, sVCD or CVD), suitable for home players, from any number of video files, in any of the formats supported by Mplayer. <br> Available for Ubuntu: 9.10 devede-3.16.5-1~getdeb1 2010-03-10 11:42:03 KeePassX 0.4.3-1~getdeb2 KeePassX is a free/open-source password manager or safe which helps you to manage your passwords in a secure way. You can put all your passwords in one database, which is locked with one master key or a key-disk. So you only have to remember one single master password or insert the key-disk to unlock the whole database. The databases are encrypted using the algorithms AES or Twofish.<br> Available for Ubuntu: 9.10 keepassx-0.4.3-1~getdeb2 2010-03-09 20:34:01 WikidPad 1.9-1~getdeb2 WikidPad is a Wiki-like notebook for storing your thoughts, ideas, todo lists, contacts, or anything else you can think of to write down. What makes WikidPad different from other notepad applications is the ease with which you can cross-link your information. Links in a wiki are created by typing in WikiWords. A WikiWord is any mixed case word typed into the editor. TodoList or JohnDoe are example WikiWords. The term wiki means "quick" in Hawaiian, and wikis are all about quickly linking your information<br> Available for Ubuntu: 9.10 wikidpad-1.9-1~getdeb2 2010-03-09 17:32:08 BOINC 6.10.36-1~getdeb1 The Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing (BOINC) is a software platform for distributed computing using volunteered computer resources.<br> Available for Ubuntu: 9.10 boinc-6.10.36-1~getdeb1 2010-03-09 15:44:04 hamster-applet 2.29.92-1~getdeb1 Project Hamster helps you to keep track of how much time you spend on various activities during the day. Whenever you move from one task to another, you change your current activity in the GNOME applet. It can present graphical statistics of how long you have spent on each task, and may be useful for project management or keeping employee timesheets.<br> Available for Ubuntu: 9.10 hamster-applet-2.29.92-1~getdeb1 2010-03-09 14:22:01 Midori 0.2.4-1~getdeb1 Midori (Japanese for green) is a web browser that aims to be lightweight and fast. It uses the WebKit rendering engine and the GTK+ 2 interface.<br> Available for Ubuntu: 9.10 midori-0.2.4-1~getdeb1 2010-03-07 23:10:01 iFreeBudget 2.0.26-1~getdeb1 iFreeBudget is a free, open source budgeting and personal finance management application. It is designed for home and small business users with simple interface and fast user interaction. It is safe and secure with password based encryption for storing all financial data.<br> Available for Ubuntu: 9.10 ifreebudget-2.0.26-1~getdeb1 2010-03-07 23:00:05 MyPaint 0.8.2-1~getdeb1 MyPaint is a fast painting/scribbling program. It supports pressure sensitive graphic tablets and comes with an easy-to-use brush collection. There is a complex interface for creating own brushes, focusing on brush dynamics (changes with speed, pressure, randomly).<br> Available for Ubuntu: 9.10 mypaint-0.8.2-1~getdeb1 2010-03-07 18:02:02 Rhythmbox 0.12.7-1~getdeb1 Rhythmbox is an integrated music management application, originally inspired by Apple's iTunes. It is free software, designed to work well under the GNOME Desktop, and based on the powerful GStreamer media framework. <br> Available for Ubuntu: 9.10 rhythmbox-0.12.7-1~getdeb1 2010-03-07 17:02:03 Rubyripper 0.5.7-1~getdeb2 It uses cdparanoia in a sophisticated way to make sure that a CD rip is done successfully and accurately. It is very similar to and inspired by EAC. Rubyripper is written in the ruby programming language.<br> Available for Ubuntu: 9.10 rubyripper-0.5.7-1~getdeb2 2010-03-07 15:40:03 LiVES 1.2.1-1~getdeb1 LiVES mixes real-time video performance and non-linear editing in one application. It will let you start editing and making video right away, without having to worry about formats, frame sizes, or frame rates. It is a very flexible tool which can be used by both VJ's and video editors - mix and switch clips from the keyboard, trim and edit your clips, and bring them together using the multi-track time line.<br> Available for Ubuntu: 9.10 lives-1.2.1-1~getdeb1 2010-03-07 13:24:02 gLabels 2.2.7-1~getdeb1 gLabels is a lightweight program for creating labels, barcodes, business cards and media covers for the GNOME desktop environment. It is designed to work with various laser/ink-jet peel-off label and business card sheets that you'll find at most office supply stores.<br> Available for Ubuntu: 9.10 glabels-2.2.7-1~getdeb1 2010-03-07 13:14:03 Goggles Music Manager 0.10.19-1~getdeb1 Music Manager Goggles Music Manager is a music collection manager and player that automatically categorizes your music files based on genre, artist, album, and song. It supports gapless playback and features easy tag editing.<br> Available for Ubuntu: 9.10 gogglesmm-0.10.19-1~getdeb1 2010-03-07 13:04:03 Kompozer 1:0.8~b3-1~getdeb1 KompoZer is a complete web authoring system that combines web file management and easy-to-use WYSIWYG web page editing. KompoZer is designed to be extremely easy to use, making it ideal for non-technical computer users who want to create an attractive, professional-looking web site without needing to know HTML or web coding. <br> Available for Ubuntu: 9.10, 10.04 kompozer-1:0.8~b3-1~getdeb1 2010-03-07 12:56:03 uGet uGet is a Free and Open Source download manager, it has many of features like easy-to-use, support pause and resume, classify download, every category has an independent configuration.<br> Available for Ubuntu: 9.10 uget- 2010-03-06 23:32:02 xVideoServiceThief 2.3.5-1~getdeb1 xVideoServiceThief (a.k.a xVST) is a tool for downloading your favourite video clips from a lot of video websites (currently supports 93 websites and increasing!).<br> Available for Ubuntu: 9.10 xvst-2.3.5-1~getdeb1 2010-03-06 23:22:01 Freemind 0.9.0~rc7-1~getdeb1 Taking the Concept-Mapping approach to Human-Computer Interface design. A mind mapper, and at the same time an easy-to-operate hierarchical editor with strong emphasis on folding. These two are not really two different things, just two different descriptions of a single application. Often used for knowledge and content management.<br> Available for Ubuntu: 9.10 freemind-0.9.0~rc7-1~getdeb1 2010-03-06 23:06:03 Frostwire 4.20.3-1~getdeb1 FrostWire is a high quality, FREE peer-to-peer application. It's core is based on LimeWire but it also supports bittorrent.<br> Available for Ubuntu: 9.10 frostwire-4.20.3-1~getdeb1 2010-03-06 22:28:04 Fotoxx 9.7-1~getdeb1 Fotoxx is a free open-source Linux program for improving image files made with a digital camera.<br> Available for Ubuntu: 9.10 fotoxx-9.7-1~getdeb1 2010-03-06 22:04:02 Ailurus 10.02-1~getdeb1 This is an application which aims at telling users Ubuntu enhancement tricks. It puts tricks in tool-tip text and "Tip of the day" window.<br> Available for Ubuntu: 9.10 ailurus-10.02-1~getdeb1 2010-03-06 21:56:04 namebench 1.2-1~getdeb1 Are you a power-user with 5 minutes to spare? Do you want a faster internet experience? Try out namebench. It hunts down the fastest DNS servers available for your computer to use. namebench runs a fair and thorough benchmark using your web browser history, tcpdump output, or standardized datasets in order to provide an individualized recommendation. namebench is completely free and does not modify your system in any way. This project began as a 20% project at Google.<br> Available for Ubuntu: 9.10 namebench-1.2-1~getdeb1 2010-03-05 22:48:03 psi 0.14-1~getdeb1 Psi is a free instant messaging application designed for the Jabber (XMPP) IM network (including Google Talk). It has full Unicode support, and supports most important XMPP features like file transfer, group chat, encryption etc.<br> Available for Ubuntu: 9.10 psi-0.14-1~getdeb1 2010-02-27 22:04:36 Tellico 2.2-1~getdeb1 Tellico makes it easy to track your books, videos, music, even your wine and anything else. A simple and intuitive interface shows cover images, groupings, and any detail you want. Grab information from many popular Internet sites, including,, and most libraries.<br> Available for Ubuntu: 9.10 tellico-2.2-1~getdeb1 2010-02-26 23:42:01 jhead 1:2.90-1~getdeb1 jhead is a command line driven utility for extracting digital camera settings from the Exif format files used by many digital cameras. It handles the various confusing ways these can be expressed, and displays them as F-stop, shutter speed, etc. It is also able to reduce the size of digital camera JPEGs without loss of information, by deleting integral thumbnails that digital cameras put into the Exif header.<br> Available for Ubuntu: 9.10, 10.04 jhead-1:2.90-1~getdeb1 2010-02-26 22:42:07 Qwitik 0.1.2-1~getdeb2 Qwitik is a cross-platform client for <br> Available for Ubuntu: 9.10 qwitik-0.1.2-1~getdeb2 2010-02-26 01:48:02 Celtx 2.7-1~getdeb3 Celtx is the world's first all-in-one media pre-production software. It has everything you need to take your story from concept to production. Celtx replaces 'paper, pen & binder' pre-production with a digital approach that's more complete, simpler to work with, and easier to share.<br> Available for Ubuntu: 9.10, 10.10, 11.04 celtx-2.7-1~getdeb3 2010-02-26 01:40:06 GIMP "Save for Web" plugin 0.29.0-1~getdeb1 "Save for Web" plugin Save for Web allows to find compromise between minimal file size and acceptable quality of image quickly. While adjusting various settings, you may explore how image quality and file size change. Options to reduce file size of an image include setting compression quality, number or colors, resizing, cropping, Exif information removal, etc.<br> Available for Ubuntu: 9.10, 10.10, 11.04 gimp-save-for-web-0.29.0-1~getdeb1 2010-02-25 20:14:01 RabbitVCS 0.13-1~getdeb1 An extension to Nautilus to allow better integration with various source control systems. RabbitVCS adds version control related commands to the Nautilus context menu, and controlled directories will be detected automatically and decorated with appropriate emblems. It is similar to the TortoiseSVN project on Windows.<br> Available for Ubuntu: 9.10 rabbitvcs-0.13-1~getdeb1 2010-02-25 20:02:03 Tucan 0.3.9-1~getdeb2 Tucan is a graphical manager to upload and download from the most famous file hosting sites (e.g. rapidshare, megaupload).<br> Available for Ubuntu: 9.10 tucan-0.3.9-1~getdeb2 2010-02-25 19:48:02 Gummi 0.4.5-1~getdeb2 Gummi is a LaTeX editor for the Linux platform, written in C/GTK+. It was designed with simplicity in mind, but hopes to satisfy both novice and advanced LaTeX writers. Gummi was released as opensource software under the MIT license.<br> Available for Ubuntu: 9.10 gummi-0.4.5-1~getdeb2 2010-02-25 19:46:06 Audacity 1.3.11-1~getdeb1 Audacity is a cross-platform multitrack audio editor. It allows you to record sounds directly or to import Ogg, WAV, AIFF, AU, IRCAM, or MP3 files. It features a few simple effects, all of the editing features you should need, and unlimited undo. The audio I/O uses PortAudio, which fully supports OSS, Mac OS X CoreAudio, and Windows WMME, and can be compiled with support for ALSA and Jack.<br> Available for Ubuntu: 9.10 audacity-1.3.11-1~getdeb1 2010-02-25 19:42:06 OGMRip 0.13.3-1~getdeb3 OGMRip is an application and a set of libraries for ripping and encoding DVDs into AVI/OGM files using a wide variety of codecs. It relies on mplayer, mencoder, ogmtools, oggenc, and lame to perform its tasks. The GUI features a clean HIG-compliant GNOME 2 interface and tries to minimize (as much as possible) esoteric settings.<br> Available for Ubuntu: 9.10 ogmrip-0.13.3-1~getdeb3 2010-02-25 19:14:06 Scribus Scribus is a desktop page layout program with the aim of producing commercial grade output in PDF and Postscript.<br> Available for Ubuntu: 9.10 scribus- 2010-02-25 18:58:05 Pino 0.1.0b2-1~getdeb2 Pino is Twitter client for Linux desktop. It's simple and fast.<br> Available for Ubuntu: 9.10 pino-0.1.0b2-1~getdeb2 2010-02-25 16:10:01 AcetoneISO 2.2.1-1~getdeb2 AcetoneISO2, is a feature-rich and complete software application to manage CD/DVD images. Thanks to powerful open source tools such as fuseiso, AcetoneISO2 will let You mount typical proprietary images formats of the Windows world such as ISO BIN NRG MDF IMG and do plenty of other things.<br> Available for Ubuntu: 9.10 acetoneiso-2.2.1-1~getdeb2 2010-02-25 16:04:01 Roadnav 0.19-1~getdeb2 Roadnav is an open source street navigation solution capable of running on a variety of operating systems. It can obtain your position from a GPS unit, plot a map of your area, and provide directions to locations in the USA.<br> Available for Ubuntu: 9.10, 10.04, 10.10, 11.04, 11.10, 12.04, 12.10, 13.04, 13.10, 14.04 roadnav-0.19-1~getdeb2 2010-02-25 15:58:02 gnormalize 0.63-1~getdeb2 gnormalize is a front end to normalize, a ripper, an encoder, an audio converter and an audio player.<br> Available for Ubuntu: 9.10, 10.04, 10.10, 11.04, 11.10, 12.04, 12.10, 13.04, 13.10, 14.04 gnormalize-0.63-1~getdeb2 2010-02-25 15:36:02 GnoMenu 2.4.1-1~getdeb2 GnoMenu brings eye candy to the world of GNOME menus. * Fully functional menu * Supports themes * For composited or non-composited desktops It can emulate the look and feel of the most beautiful menus of most modern desktops, and it can also use custom menus, due to its powerful theme XML engine.<br> Available for Ubuntu: 9.10 gnomenu-2.4.1-1~getdeb2 2010-02-25 15:34:16 Bookmark Undertaker 0.3-1~getdeb2 Undertaker A PyGTK application which imports Firefox's bookmarks, updates their status and exports them back to a compatible HTML file.<br> Available for Ubuntu: 9.10, 10.04, 10.10, 11.04, 11.10, 12.04, 12.10, 13.04, 13.10, 14.04 bmundertaker-0.3-1~getdeb2 2010-02-25 15:34:04 Gravit 0.4.2-1~getdeb2 Gravit is a gravity simulator. It uses Newtonian physics using the Barnes-Hut N-body algorithm. Although the main goal of Gravit is to be as accurate as possible, it also creates beautiful looking gravity patterns. It records the history of each particle so it can animate and display a path of its travels. At any stage you can rotate your view in 3D and zoom in and out.<br> Available for Ubuntu: 9.10, 10.10, 11.04 gravit-0.4.2-1~getdeb2 2010-02-25 15:26:02 DrawPile 0.6.0-1~getdeb4 DrawPile is a collaborative drawing program, similar to OpenCanvas.<br> Available for Ubuntu: 9.10, 10.04, 10.10, 11.04, 11.10, 12.04, 12.10, 13.04 drawpile-0.6.0-1~getdeb4 2010-02-25 15:06:02 BookWrite 0.9.1-1~getdeb3 Bookwrite is a software designed to help authors to write their books. It provides a full screen editor without any nuisances, that allow authors to focus completely on their texts. It also provides a few other features, that will be added for each new version.<br> Available for Ubuntu: 9.10 bookwrite-0.9.1-1~getdeb3 2010-02-25 14:56:13 Gejengel 0.1.2-1~getdeb2 Gejengel is an audio player which focuses on performance and simplicity, yet with a nice set of features.<br> Available for Ubuntu: 9.10 gejengel-0.1.2-1~getdeb2 2010-02-25 14:56:08 wxHexEditor 0.8-1~getdeb1 wxHexEditor is a hex edit tool for editing massive files in Linux<br> Available for Ubuntu: 9.10 wxhexeditor-0.8-1~getdeb1 2010-02-25 14:40:02 HandBrake 0.9.4-1getdeb2 HandBrake is a multi-threaded DVD to MPEG-4 ripper and converter. It can encode directly from DVDs (even encrypted ones) or from VIDEO_TS folders. AC3, LPCM, and MPEG audio tracks are supported. The output can be contained in MP4, AVI, or OGM files, and the output audio is encoded in either AAC, MP3, or Vorbis. Other features include support for 2-pass encoding, encoding of two audio tracks, a bitrate calculator, and deinterlacing, cropping, and scaling of the original picture.<br> Available for Ubuntu: 9.10 handbrake-gtk-0.9.4-1getdeb2 2010-02-25 14:36:04 Lince 1.2-1~getdeb2 Lince is a bittorrent client inspired by azureus using gtkmm and libtorrent.<br> Available for Ubuntu: 9.10 lince-1.2-1~getdeb2 2010-02-25 14:00:04 Luminance 2.0~svn691-1~getdeb2 Luminance is a graphical user interface (based on trolltech's Qt4) that provides a workflow for HDR imaging.<br> Available for Ubuntu: 9.10 luminance-2.0~svn691-1~getdeb2 2010-02-25 13:26:01 pidgin-latex 1.3.4-1~getdeb2 This is a plugin for Pidgin to display LaTeX formula in conversations.<br> Available for Ubuntu: 9.10, 10.04, 10.10, 11.04, 11.10 pidgin-latex-1.3.4-1~getdeb2 2010-02-25 13:12:20 tangoGPS 0.99.3-1~getdeb2 tangoGPS is a map and GPS application. By default, it uses maps from Openstreetmap.<br> Available for Ubuntu: 9.10 tangogps-0.99.3-1~getdeb2 2010-02-25 13:04:01 Webilder 0.6.5-1~getdeb2 Webilder enables you to download photos from Webshots website into your photo collection. The package includes a GNOME panel applet that can notify you whenever new daily photos are ready to be downloaded. Webilder now also downloads picturesd from flickr based on interestingness and tags.<br> Available for Ubuntu: 9.10 webilder-0.6.5-1~getdeb2 2010-02-25 12:48:02 YAGF 0.8.1-1~getdeb2 YAGF is a graphical front-end for cuneiform OCR tool. With YAGF you can open already scanned image files or obtain new images via XSane (scanning results are automatically passed to YAGF). Once you have a scanned image you can prepare it for recognition, select particular image areas for recognition, set the recognition language and so no. Recognized text is displayed in a editor window where it can be corrected, saved to disk or copied to clipboard.<br> Available for Ubuntu: 9.10 yagf-0.8.1-1~getdeb2 2010-02-25 12:38:01 GLC_Player 2.1.0-1~getdeb2 GLC_Player is an Open Source software used to view 3d models (COLLADA 3DXML OBJ 3DS STL OFF COFF Format) and to navigate easily in these models. With the album management, capture and multi-capture capabilities, html export and navigation possibilities GLC_Player is the accurate tools to review a lot of 3D models and to create illustrations.<br> Available for Ubuntu: 9.10 glc-player-2.1.0-1~getdeb2 2010-02-25 12:10:01 Flock 2.5.6-1~getdeb2 Flock is an amazing new web browser that makes it easier to share media and connect to other people online. Share photos, automatically stay up-to-date with new content from your favorite sites, and search the Web with the most advanced Search Toolbar available today.<br> Available for Ubuntu: 9.10 flock-2.5.6-1~getdeb2 2010-02-25 11:58:05 Songbird 1.4.3-1~getdeb2 Songbird is a desktop Web player, a digital jukebox and Web browser mash-up. Like Winamp, it supports extensions and skins feathers. Like Firefox, it is built from Mozilla, cross-platform and open source.<br> Available for Ubuntu: 9.10 songbird-1.4.3-1~getdeb2 2010-02-25 10:54:06 Minitube 0.9-1~getdeb2 Minitube is a native YouTube client. With it you can watch YouTube videos in a new way: you type a keyword, Minitube gives you an endless video stream. Minitube does not require the Flash Player.<br> Available for Ubuntu: 9.10 minitube-0.9-1~getdeb2 2010-02-25 10:50:01 BaShare 0.5.0-1~getdeb2 BaShare (Basic Share) is a very simply and user-friendly file sharing tool over the Internet and private LAN too. Basically BaShare is a http server with a graphical user interface (GUI). Select a file, give the link to your friends and they will be able to download the file from you speedily (or not, as you wish :-) ) BaShare is very useful during chat sessions!<br> Available for Ubuntu: 9.10, 10.04, 10.10, 11.04, 11.10, 12.04 bashare-0.5.0-1~getdeb2 2010-02-25 10:26:02 Ubuntu Tweak 0.5.1-1~getdeb2 Tweak Ubuntu Tweak is a tool for Ubuntu that makes it easy to configure your system and desktop settings.<br> Available for Ubuntu: 9.10 ubuntu-tweak-0.5.1-1~getdeb2 2010-02-25 10:24:03 Shutter 0.85.1-1~getdeb2 Shutter is a feature-rich screenshot program. You can take a screenshot of a specific area, window, your whole screen, or even of a website - apply different effects to it, draw on it to highlight points, and then upload to a image hosting site, all within one window.<br> Available for Ubuntu: 9.10 shutter-0.85.1-1~getdeb2 2010-02-25 10:02:05 Buzzbird 0.6-1~getdeb1 Buzzbird is a XUL-based desktop twitter client.<br> Available for Ubuntu: 9.10 buzzbird-0.6-1~getdeb1 2010-02-25 01:34:04 Nautilus Actions 2.29.4-1~getdeb1 Actions Nautilus actions is an extension for Nautilus, the GNOME file manager. It allows the configuration of programs to be launched on files selected in the Nautilus interface.<br> Available for Ubuntu: 9.10 nautilus-actions-2.29.4-1~getdeb1 2010-02-25 01:22:02 PDF Mod 0.8-1~getdeb1 Mod PDF Mod is a simple tool for modifying PDF documents. It can rotate, extract, remove and reoder pages via drag and drop. Multiple documents may be combined via drag and drop. You may also edit the title, subject, author and keywords of a PDF document using PDF Mod.<br> Available for Ubuntu: 9.10 pdfmod-0.8-1~getdeb1 2010-02-25 01:06:01 Pragha 0.7.2-1~getdeb1 A reproducer and administrator of music for GNU/Linux, based on Gtk, sqlite, and completely written in C, constructed to be fast, light, and simultaneously complete without obstructing the daily work. Pragha was originally derived of Consonance Music Manager (, discontinued by the original author.<br> Available for Ubuntu: 9.10 pragha-0.7.2-1~getdeb1 2010-02-25 01:04:03 Guake 0.4.1-1~getdeb1 Guake is a drop-down terminal for GNOME Desktop Environment, so you just need to press a key to invoke him, and press again to hide. Guake supports hotkeys, tabs, background transparent, etc.<br> Available for Ubuntu: 9.10 guake-0.4.1-1~getdeb1 2010-02-25 00:56:02 Kupfer 0+c19.1-1~getdeb1 Kupfer is a summoner/launcher in the style of Quicksilver or GNOME Do. It can search and browse your files, launch desired applications and object you need in a quicker way.<br> Available for Ubuntu: 9.10 kupfer-0+c19.1-1~getdeb1 2010-02-25 00:32:19 Decibel Audio Player 1.03-1~getdeb1 Audio Player Decibel is a GTK+ audio player which aims at being very straightforward to use by mean of a very clean and user friendly interface.<br> Available for Ubuntu: 9.10 decibel-audio-player-1.03-1~getdeb1 2010-02-25 00:28:04 FatRat 1.1.2-1~getdeb1 FatRat is a feature rich download manager written in C++ and built on top of Qt4 library. It supports a lot of download and file exchange protocols and is continuously extended. It also includes a plugin system.<br> Available for Ubuntu: 9.10 fatrat-1.1.2-1~getdeb1 2010-02-25 00:20:03 GNOME Commander Commander GNOME Commander is a "two-pane" graphical filemanager for the Gnome desktop environment. GNOME Commander aims to fulfill the demands of more advanced users who like to focus on file management, their work through special applications and running smart commands.<br> Available for Ubuntu: 9.10 gnome-commander- 2010-02-25 00:02:04 rosegarden 1:10.02.1-1~getdeb1 Rosegarden is an audio and MIDI sequencer, score editor, and general-purpose music composition and editing environment. It is an easy-to-learn, attractive application that runs on Linux. It is ideal for composers, musicians, music students, and small studio or home recording environments.<br> Available for Ubuntu: 9.10 rosegarden-1:10.02.1-1~getdeb1 2010-02-24 23:42:16 RSSOwl 2.0.4-1~getdeb1 RSSOwl is a newsreader for RSS, RDF and Atom Newsfeeds written in Java using GTK+ through SWT as its graphic library.<br> Available for Ubuntu: 9.10 rssowl-2.0.4-1~getdeb1 2010-02-24 22:54:13 HomeBank 4.2.1-1~getdeb1 The main concept is to be light, simple and very easy to use. It brings you many features that allows you to analyze your finances in a detailed way instantly and dynamically with powerful report tools based on filtering and graphical charts.<br> Available for Ubuntu: 9.10 homebank-4.2.1-1~getdeb1 2010-02-24 21:58:01 Facebook Friends Graph 0.2-1~getdeb1 Friends Graph Creates a graph of user's Facebook friends highlighting mutual connections among them.<br> Available for Ubuntu: 9.10, 10.04 fbfriendsgraph-0.2-1~getdeb1 2010-02-24 21:28:15 Transmission 1.91-1~getdeb1 Transmission is a free, lightweight BitTorrent client. It features a simple, intuitive interface on top on an efficient, cross-platform back-end.<br> Available for Ubuntu: 9.10 transmission-1.91-1~getdeb1 2010-02-22 11:46:02 FileZilla 3.3.2-1~getdeb1 FileZilla Client is a fast and reliable cross-platform FTP, FTPS and SFTP client with lots of useful features and an intuitive graphical user interface.<br> Available for Ubuntu: 9.10 filezilla-3.3.2-1~getdeb1 2010-02-21 21:32:02 Pidgin 1:2.6.6-1~getdeb2 Pidgin is a multi-protocol Instant Messaging client that allows you to use all of your IM accounts at once.<br> Available for Ubuntu: 9.10 pidgin-1:2.6.6-1~getdeb2 2010-02-19 16:16:03 gURLChecker 0.13-1~getdeb1 This program "gURLChecker" does various website verifications presented in a nice graphical user interface. It can work on a whole site, a single local page or a browser bookmarks file.<br> Available for Ubuntu: 9.10, 10.04 gurlchecker-0.13-1~getdeb1 2010-02-16 21:36:02 Usenet Resource Downloader 1.0.3-1~getdeb1 Resource Downloader URD is a program to download binaries from usenet (newsgroups) via a web based interface. Downloading requires only a few clicks. Optionally, an NZB file can be created. When the download is finished it can automatically verify the par2 or sfv files and decompress the results.<br> Available for Ubuntu: 9.10 urd-1.0.3-1~getdeb1 2010-02-06 11:34:02 encspot 2.01-1~getdeb1 An MPEG analyzer to determine sound file quality. well, not EXACTLY quality, more like "determine codec used to generate sound file" which usually results in determining quality indirectly.<br> Available for Ubuntu: 9.10, 10.04, 10.10, 11.04, 11.10, 12.04, 12.10, 13.04, 13.10, 14.04 encspot-2.01-1~getdeb1 2010-02-06 09:52:01 LyX 1.6.5-1~getdeb1 LyX is a document processor that encourages an approach to writing based on the structure of your documents (WYSIWYM), and not simply their appearance (WYSIWYG). LyX combines the power and flexibility of TeX/LaTeX with the ease of use of a graphical interface.<br> Available for Ubuntu: 9.10 lyx-1.6.5-1~getdeb1 2010-02-04 21:08:02 VLC 1.0.5-1~getdeb1 VLC is the VideoLAN project's media player. It plays MPEG, MPEG2, MPEG4, DivX, MOV, WMV, QuickTime, mp3, Ogg/Vorbis files, DVDs, VCDs, and multimedia streams from various network sources. VLC can also be used as a streaming server that duplicates the stream it reads and multicasts them through the network to other clients, or serves them through HTTP.<br> Available for Ubuntu: 9.10 vlc-1.0.5-1~getdeb1 2010-01-31 23:30:05 IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition 9.0.1-1~getdeb2 IDEA Community Edition IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition is the open source version of IntelliJ IDEA, a premier IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for Java, Groovy and other programming languages.<br> Available for Ubuntu: 9.10, 10.04, 10.10, 11.04, 11.10, 12.04, 12.10, 13.04, 13.10, 14.04 idea-ic-9.0.1-1~getdeb2 2010-01-24 10:22:15 utrac 0.3.0-1~getdeb1 UTRAC stands for Universal Text Recognizer and Converter. It is a command line tool and a library that recognize the encoding of an input file (ex: UTF-8, ISO-8859-1, CP437...) and its end-of-line type (CR, LF, CRLF).<br> Available for Ubuntu: 9.10, 10.04, 10.10, 11.04, 11.10, 12.04, 12.10, 13.04, 13.10, 14.04 utrac-0.3.0-1~getdeb1 2010-01-19 20:18:01 invulgotracker 0.61-1~getdeb1 Simple GNOME application that enables simple task time tracking.<br> Available for Ubuntu: 9.10, 10.04, 10.10, 11.04, 11.10 invulgotracker-0.61-1~getdeb1 2010-01-19 19:48:02 Fuppes 0.svn-r640-1~getdeb1 FUPPES is a free, multiplatform UPnP A/V Media Server supporting a wide range of UPnP MediaRenderers as well as on-the-fly transcoding of various audio, video and image formats.<br> Available for Ubuntu: 9.10 fuppes-0.svn-r640-1~getdeb1 2010-01-19 14:06:01 Alchemy 0.0.beta~008-1~getdeb1 Alchemy is an open drawing project aimed at exploring how we can sketch, draw, and create on computers in new ways. Alchemy isn't software for creating finished artwork, but rather a sketching environment that focuses on the absolute initial stage of the creation process. Experimental in nature, Alchemy lets you brainstorm visually to explore an expanded range of ideas and possibilities in a serendipitous way.<br> Available for Ubuntu: 9.10, 10.04, 10.10, 11.04, 11.10, 12.04, 12.10, 13.04, 13.10, 14.04 alchemy-0.0.beta~008-1~getdeb1 2010-01-10 21:54:01 QDVDAuthor 1:2.1.0-1~getdeb1 Q' DVD-Author is a GUI frontent for dvdauthor and related tools. The goal is to provide an easy-to-use, yet powerful and complete interface to generate DVD menus, slideshows, and videos to burn on a DVD under Linux.<br> Available for Ubuntu: 9.10 qdvdauthor-1:2.1.0-1~getdeb1 2010-01-09 16:16:03 Emesene 1.6-1~getdeb1 emesene is an OS independent MSN Messenger client writed in python and GTK. The main idea is to make a client similar to the official MSN Messenger client but keeping it simple and with a nice GUI.<br> Available for Ubuntu: 9.10 emesene-1.6-1~getdeb1 2010-01-09 12:26:06 basenji 0.5.0-1~getdeb1 Basenji is a volume indexing tool designed for easy and fast indexing of volume collections. It currently supports indexing of removable media such as CDs and USB sticks and stores them as volume objects in a database. After being stored in this database, volumes can be browsed and searched trough for specific files very quickly.<br> Available for Ubuntu: 9.10 basenji-0.5.0-1~getdeb1 2010-01-05 23:38:01 parcellite 0.9.2-1~getdeb1 Parcellite is a stripped down, basic-features-only clipboard manager with a small memory footprint for those who like simplicity.<br> Available for Ubuntu: 9.10 parcellite-0.9.2-1~getdeb1 2010-01-02 16:56:01 Mumble 1.2.0-1~getdeb1 Mumble is a low-latency, high quality voice chat program for gaming. It features noise suppression, automatic gain control and low latency audio with support for multiple audio standards. Mumble includes an in-game overlay compatible with most open-source and commercial 3D applications. Mumble is just a client and uses a non-standard protocol. You will need a dedicated server to talk to other users. Server functionality is provided by the package "mumble-server".<br> Available for Ubuntu: 9.10 mumble-1.2.0-1~getdeb1 2009-12-29 22:46:07 Avidemux 1:2.5.2-1~getdeb1 Avidemux is a free video editor designed for simple cutting, filtering and encoding tasks. It supports many file types, including AVI, DVD compatible MPEG files, MP4 and ASF, using a variety of codecs. Tasks can be automated using projects, job queue and powerful scripting capabilities.<br> Available for Ubuntu: 9.10 avidemux-1:2.5.2-1~getdeb1 2009-12-29 00:54:03 Fotowall 0.9-1~getdeb2 FotoWall is a creative tool that allows you to layour your photos or pictures in a personal way. You can add pictues, then resize, move, change colors, text, shadows, etc. to create your composition or collage. The focus of this application is on simplicity.<br> Available for Ubuntu: 9.10 fotowall-0.9-1~getdeb2 2009-12-24 14:36:01 SaVi 1.4.3-1~getdeb1 SaVi - satellite constellation visualization. Simulate Iridium, Globalstar, Sirius, GPS, Teledesic and other systems, modify them, or design your own.<br> Available for Ubuntu: 9.10 savi-1.4.3-1~getdeb1 2009-12-18 23:36:02 Vuze BitTorrent protocol client that offers multiple torrent downloads, queuing/priority systems (on torrents and files), start/stop seeding options, and instant access to numerous pieces of information about your torrents. It includes an embedded tracker that is easily set up and ready to use.<br> Available for Ubuntu: 9.10 azureus- 2009-12-15 23:04:03 Audacious 2.2-1~getdeb1 Audacious is an advanced audio player. It is free, lightweight, focused on audio quality and supporting a wide range of audio codecs.<br> Available for Ubuntu: 9.10 audacious-2.2-1~getdeb1 2009-12-13 10:07:22 GIMP 2.6.8-1~getdeb1 GNU Image Manipulation Program. It is a freely distributed piece of software suitable for such tasks as photo retouching, image composition and image authoring. It can be used as a simple paint program, an expert quality photo retouching program, an online batch processing system, a mass production image renderer, a image format converter, etc.<br> Available for Ubuntu: 9.10 gimp-2.6.8-1~getdeb1 2009-12-11 12:34:05 Inkscape 0.47-1~getdeb1 Inkscape loads and saves a subset of the SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) format, a standard maintained by the WWW consortium. Inkscape user interface should be familiar from CorelDraw and similar drawing programs. There are rectangles, ellipses, text items, bitmap images and freehand curves. As an added bonus, both vector and bitmap objects can have alpha transparency and can be arbitrarily transformed.<br> Available for Ubuntu: 9.10 inkscape-0.47-1~getdeb1 2009-11-26 23:16:06 DAV Explorer 0.91-1~getdeb1 Explorer DAV Explorer is a WebDAV, DeltaV and ACL client application that uses the WebDAV, DeltaV and ACL protocols.<br> Available for Ubuntu: 9.10, 10.04, 10.10, 11.04, 11.10, 12.04, 12.10, 13.04, 13.10, 14.04 davexplorer-0.91-1~getdeb1 2009-11-22 23:22:02 SkunkDAV A WebDAV browser and remote file editing framework written in Java, including an RFC-2518-compliant WEBDAV client library with optional SSL support, a low-level DAV command-line client (written in JPython), and a built-in text editing component.<br> Available for Ubuntu: 9.10, 10.04, 10.10, 11.04, 11.10, 12.04, 12.10, 13.04, 13.10, 14.04 skunkdav- 2009-11-22 23:06:03