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Fotoxx 9.7-1~getdeb1
easy-to-use digital photo editor
Fotoxx is a free open-source Linux program for improving image files made with a digital camera.

Available for Ubuntu: 9.10

Updated: 2010-03-06 22:04:02 | Changes

Ailurus 10.02-1~getdeb1
Ubuntu enhancement application
This is an application which aims at telling users Ubuntu enhancement tricks. It puts tricks in tool-tip text and "Tip of the day" window.

Available for Ubuntu: 9.10

Updated: 2010-03-06 21:56:04 | Changes

namebench 1.2-1~getdeb1
Open-source DNS Benchmark Utility
Are you a power-user with 5 minutes to spare? Do you want a faster internet experience?
Try out namebench. It hunts down the fastest DNS servers available for your computer to use. namebench runs a fair and thorough benchmark using your web browser history, tcpdump output, or standardized datasets in order to provide an individualized recommendation. namebench is completely free and does not modify your system in any way. This project began as a 20% project at Google.

Available for Ubuntu: 9.10

Updated: 2010-03-05 22:48:03 | Changes

psi 0.14-1~getdeb1
Jabber client using Qt
Psi is a free instant messaging application designed for the Jabber (XMPP) IM network (including Google Talk). It has full Unicode support, and supports most important XMPP features like file transfer, group chat, encryption etc.

Available for Ubuntu: 9.10

Updated: 2010-02-27 22:04:36 | Changes

Tellico 2.2-1~getdeb1
collection manager for books, videos, music
Tellico makes it easy to track your books, videos, music, even your wine and anything else. A simple and intuitive interface shows cover images, groupings, and any detail you want. Grab information from many popular Internet sites, including,, and most libraries.

Available for Ubuntu: 9.10

Updated: 2010-02-26 23:42:01 | Changes

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