5 Ways Facebook And Mark Zuckerberg Will Change The Way We Live

During one tech conference, which I had attended at the beginning of the year, a speaker said something, which got me to start thinking about Facebook and its CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, in an entirely new light. 

The speaker said that the new world order (the future) would be defined in terms of a Pre-Facebook Era and a Post-Facebook Era! While at the outset, this might sound like a dismissive apocalyptic conspiracy theory statement, I wanted to engage with it in all seriousness. 

The more I started digging and understanding what Facebook and Zuckerberg are after, the more the statement started making sense. 

In this article, I am going to list out major ways Facebook led by Zuckerberg is going to define, change, and alter the future of human beings. 

5 Important Ways Facebook and Zuckerberg are changing our World

1- By changing the way we communicate 

I’m sure that almost everyone reading the articles knows that WhatsApp is owned on Facebook. We also know how over the past few years, we have stopped using traditional calling and text messaging and replaced it by WhatsApp Calls and Texts. 

Facebook has also consistently been working on its Messenger. For example, during the Coronavirus lockdown, Facebook started a new Video Conferencing platform from Messenger itself to aid corporates and professionals.

2- Changing the way to shop and purchase

How many of us follow influencers for almost all our interests- Technology, Fashion, Auto, Food, etc. We follow them on platforms like Instagram and Facebook and listen to their advice on the criteria mentioned above. We then get influenced and make our purchase decisions. 

To complete the customer purchase cycle, Instagram has already started experimenting with a direct shop option from the platform itself. Earlier, we used to get our discovery and opinion from social platforms like Instagram. Now we can directly shop from it, just like an eCommerce platform.

3- Changing the way we use currency and cash transactions

If you have not been living under a rock, you might have heard about Facebook’s new global digital currency, Libra. With the backing of 75 of the World’s most successful companies, Facebook is on its way to change the face of the global currency framework. 

Unlike a cryptocurrency (Bitcoin), Libra is not entirely decentralized. It also has tangible assets to guarantee its value as a currency. Facebook is working very hard to establish Libra as a global currency and is looking to work with early investors. Facebook Libra trading works the same way as btc online platform works.

4- Changing the way we consume entertainment

Social media platforms, especially Facebook and YouTube, have changed the way we consume entertainment. The billions of hours of video uploaded on both these platforms make sure that interested users are never going to run out of content. 

From comedy to news to reviews, no matter what kind of information you are looking for, you can rest assured that you will get the same on Facebook. It also helps Facebook force a user to spend as much time on the platform as possible. 

5- Changing the way we interact with fellow human beings

I am sure all of us have had their fair share of both positive and negative experiences on Facebook. We do not pause to think as to how Facebook has altered human interaction in a significant way—for example, reconnecting with old school friends or even a long-lost ex!

Earlier, we used to call people and wish them Happy Birthdays. We want them today as well, but in the comments section of their birthday posts! Like this, there are thousands of ways; Facebook has changed human interaction and engagement forever.

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