Does the new Apple iPad Pro live up the hype?

Tech giant Apple has finally released the new iteration of its popular iPad Pro. But the new tablet isn’t cheap. Is it worth it? Is it worth upgrading? Let’s take a close look at Apple’s new release on a point-by-point basis to really find out if this new device is a must-have or a goose egg.

Edge-to-edge screen

Apple’s screen runs right to the edges, side-to-side and bottom-to-top. This provides the largest possible screen without increasing the size of the device.

No Home button

The home button is the first sacrifice to the lack of bezel. But the iPad Pro is controlled by swipes and gestures as used on an iPhone X, Xs and XR. To open the control center, simply swipe down from upper right corner (or you can swipe up from the bottom) to bring up the dock. It may take a little time to get used to it if you don’t already have an iPhone which is controlled in the manner.

Facial recognition

The iPad Pro supports Face ID, which means the user can unlock this tablet simply by looking at it. This is a major security feature since Face ID can also be used with banking app and with other security-sensitive tasks. The new iPad Pro can be unlocked regardless of which way the user may be holding it, unlike iPhones.


Apple cut the lightning connector which was found on all iPads and iPhones and replaced it with a USB-C port. This allows the user to connect many accessories, including TVs, displays, and physical keyboards.

iPhone Charger

With the new iPad Pro, you can charge up your iPhone, which is ideal when battery power is waning but your iPad has plenty to spare.

Thinner and smaller

There are two screen size for the new iPad Pro; 11 inches and 12.9 inches. However, the 11-inch version has the same physical dimensions as the previous 10.5-inch version, thanks to their edge-to-edge screen. The new 12.9-inch iPad Pro is smaller than its predecessor (practically the same dimensions as a typical sheet of writing pater), and it eats up 25% less volume. They’re both just 5.9 millimeters thick.

Faster, with better graphics

The new iPad Pro is faster than previous versions due to the A12X Bionic processor. Graphics performance is as good as the Xbox One S.

More storage

The iPad Pro comes in four configurations with different storage capacities; 64GB, 256GB, 512GB, and 1TB. That gives users lots of storage space for files, photos, and apps.


Apple has announced a new version of the Apple Pencil as an optional extra for the iPad Pro. This second-generation pencil attaches magnetically attaches to the iPad to prevent it from getting lost. And the iPad wirelessly charges the Apple Pencil so that it is always ready to use.

Tapping the screen with the pencil wakes the screen and instantly launches the Notes app. A double-tap apps switches between modes.

With its new iPad Pro, Apple has finally delivered a viable alternative to the laptop. If you run creative tasks or need more flexibility than most tablets can offer, the Apple iPad Pro is well worth it.

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