How Playing Games Increases Productivity in Your Office

Games of all kinds usually are thought of when enjoying our downtime, not when in the office. Some of us may sneakily play a game throughout the day while at work, under the desk, or while on a break. It helps give a change of scenery or, in some cases, a well-needed distraction away from the task. 

Playing games can be a great way to de-stress and remove yourself from the heavy workload that you may be experiencing; that is why they are encouraged in some offices. The old taboo of playing a game is quickly recognized as a great exercise by employers to increase morale and improve the quality of work produced by employees.

The benefits of playing games at work

There are a plethora of benefits associated with playing games while at work. The most influential revolve around the intrinsic company values associated with those organizations that allow for these breaks to play games to take place. The best way to gain company loyalty and reputation is to trust your employees and let them thrive in a workplace where they can relax. By implementing game playing and fun activities, employee satisfaction levels will be much higher. It will also influence team bonding and better communication amongst the office, making the dynamic working run smoother, the authority website The WiredShopper believes. 

Rather than taking a break to get refreshments or speak to your peers, where the conversation will be steered around work, gaming is a great alternative. It allows employees to detach from their work-life and come back with a fresh mindset, ready to tackle the task. 

Playing games at work can also be a great stress reliever as an average workday can be very busy and hectic for many employees. By stopping to have a break, which can eliminate that stress, like taking the time out to play a game, it can improve satisfaction levels and productivity levels. It is a well-known fact that gaming has high stress-relieving properties, making it a welcomed addition to any office. 

Introducing gaming and team games into the office is also a nice bridge between work and home life for employees. It may help employees associate work with the same relaxed feelings they associate with their home lives. It can make it less of a daunting experience when going to work. 

The possible dis-benefits of playing games at work

As with all good things, some people may take advantage of relaxed terms in the office. Unfortunately, these gaming breaks could be a great example of this. You must assess your office’s individual needs before enrolling in this relaxed environment out. Giving your staff the exact details of the break, or possibly hosting gaming breaks for the whole office as opposed to gaming alone breaks.

It is important to remember that not all employees will welcome this gaming break as it does not fit their break-taking preference. Please ensure that you assess the needs of your team in your office before enrolling gaming break. These should not be mandatory, rather encouraged by team leaders or managers.

Does it work?

There is substantial data that confirms this method of breaks for gaming improves office morale and can increase quality workflows. Departments that take gaming breaks as a team form stronger bonds and ultimately complete their work well together. There are much fewer disagreements or arguments that cannot be resolved in an easy or maturely fashion. 

Ultimately, if you embed this work culture into your own office, a much lassie fairer approach to work and the working environment can be felt by the whole team. The main benefit that has been undeniably proven is the reduction of stress. By playing games either as a team or individually, the employee can de-stress and relieve their work expectancies for a while. 

Researchers suggest that the ideal work to break ratio is 17 minutes for every 52 minutes of action. While this might be too much for a smaller office or an office with fewer employees, those larger organizations should try to stick to this ratio where possible. It will make your workforce more effective, closer to their peers, and less likely to have issues or disagreements outside of work tasks. This method is excellent for building trust, unity, and a loyal group of employees. 


While not all companies may see the benefits of this change, initially, they will undoubtedly experience them after gaming breaks have been embedded. Gaming in the office is a great way to motivate your workforce. It allows the company to see an increase in productivity and a higher employee satisfaction rate to be recorded.

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