Safe Ways to Deposit Money to a Gambling Account Online

Most online casinos and betting websites experience a lot of traffic. People from all around the globe play different casino games and bet on sporting events hoping that they will generate a profit. Most gamblers worry about losing lots of money on a bet that has failed, however, things could get much worse if a cybercriminal gains access to their private information and banking details.

Cybercrime is a major issue these days. In 2019 alone, it was estimated that cybercrime cost over $2 trillion. Although a lot of people would like to set up an online betting account, they sometimes avoid doing so because most sites ask for private information. Most people are well aware that if their home address, full name, date of birth, and banking details fall into the hands of a hacker, they might lose their savings and their identity. Luckily, there are plenty of payment options available and ways to increase your security while producing such information.


E-wallets are gradually becoming a popular method for people to move cash around the web. An e-wallet is a secure platform online where you can send and receive money. This is a very convenient system that many online casinos and bettings sites use. Some online sites like this kasyna online website have a few different methods of payment.

A lot of people who gamble online need money in their accounts in a short space of time. If they want to place a bet and time isn’t on their side, waiting for a few days for the transaction to be completed is not ideal. It only takes a matter of seconds for payment from one e-wallet to successfully transfer funds into another e-wallet.

There are plenty of e-wallets to choose from. PayPal is probably the world’s most popular choice. Although PayPal is a well-known company, they don’t send funds to certain online casinos. They will only transfer funds into a licensed online betting site. To complete the transfer, you might have to look at another e-wallet provider.


Transferring money from your current bank and account into a betting account can cause all sorts of problems. Some people don’t want their spouses or other family members to know they are gambling online, while others worry about how their bank will react. People have been declined loans and mortgages due to their gambling activity online so it is no wonder why so many people are using cryptocurrencies.

Not only is it difficult for others to see how you are spending your cryptocurrency, using this method of payment makes it almost impossible for cybercriminals to intercept a transaction. In recent years, cryptocurrency has become huge, and most casinos accept payment in digital currency.

Pay over the Phone

If a person is connecting to the internet without running a quality VPN service and an antivirus package, most cybercriminals will be able to gain access to their device they are using to gamble with. This is very scary, especially if they see you typing in your credit card and security number. Even if you feel your device is fully secured, you can never be 100% sure.

Online casinos are fully aware that many of their customers worry about cybercrime so most allow customers to call their staff members and deposit money into a betting account over the phone. To pay over the phone you must first find an online casino that offers the service. Most reputable online casinos have a 24-hour live chat line, so if you can’t see the Pay by Phone option, consider asking in the chat window for further details. Although most casinos offer this service for free, others take a fee or even a percentage of the transaction.

Credit & Debit Cards

Although it might not appear to be the most secure method of transferring money online, depositing money into an online betting account with a credit or debit card is still the most common method. Most online casinos accept payments made with any major credit card such as Visa and Mastercard.

For those gamblers who wish to avoid racking up bad debt, debit cards are an ideal choice. This method of payment allows the player to gamble with cash they have in their bank account, and not the bank’s money. People who have an issue with gambling often borrow funds from the bank which many struggles to pay back. Gambling with a debit card is often a much safer option. If you feel you might have a gambling problem and you want help, check out the GamStop website.

Less Popular Payment Options

Here is a list of other payment methods that don’t seem to be as popular as the methods already mentioned:

  • Prepaid cards: There are vouchers and prepared cards available that allow you to deposit funds into your casino account. This is an ideal method of payment for punters that don’t have access to a credit card or an e-wallet.
  • Wire transfer: Many people like to receive their winnings through a wire transfer. Those who wish to receive funds by a wire transfer must own a bank account. Very few casinos will transfer money into someone’s account under a different name. However, if you want the money immediately, consider another option. Wire transfers can take up to 10 working days to successfully transfer.
  • Cheques: Although very few people write cheques anymore, doesn’t mean that they aren’t one of the most reliable methods of payment mentioned in this article. A lot of gamblers deposit money into their gambling account with a cheque and there are a lot of folks who love receiving their winnings in a beautiful, freshly cut cheque!

Going into a land-based casino and playing with real cash seems a lot easier, however, to take advantage of the incredible odds and constant bonuses that online casinos offer, finding a payment method that suits you is important. When choosing a site to gamble, check to make sure they have the proper licensing required. Go online to see if there are any negative reviews on the web about the site before you provide them with your personal information. Just because a casino is blacklisted, doesn’t mean that they have been shut down. Only gamble with reputable websites.

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