Why Windows Is Best For PC Gaming

If you have only ever gamed on a console, it might be coming where you switch out to a gaming PC. If this is something you’ve only recently started thinking about, you may not be sure why everyone seems to have windows as their operating system. Windows has long held the crown for the best operating system when it comes to gaming, but why? Here we tell you why windows are best for pc gaming, so when you come to buy a gaming PC, you get it right from the off. 

Windows Is Designed For Game Play

When it comes to operating systems, there aren’t many that are as well placed when it comes to gaming as windows. They have the experience of building stable OS’ for the last 20 plus years, but they also have the technical knowledge from their gaming arm, XBOX, that can be applied to your laptop. All new windows laptops are built for gaming potential. Windows 10 comes with the game bar that enables quick access to your favorite games. These features set it apart from other operating systems such as Linux or Apple. As Microsoft develop their games, their PC’s are designed to be able to run them in the best possible way. You also have a wide range of games that you can choose from, only matched by play station. 

Windows 10 Has The Xbox App Built-in

This addition means that PC users can now get in on the live play that Xbox users have had. You can now chat between consoles and PCs like never before while accessing the same games. Even better, the Xbox live service is free across Window’s PC’s, so you no longer have to pay for a subscription if you are switching out from a console. Gaming PCs aren’t even that expensive, so if you are looking to save money and switch from console to pc, you can easily find affordable options around $400

You Can Switch Between Devices

If you have an Xbox and are looking to add a gaming PC to the collection, there is no need to have one or the other. If you have both and enjoy switching between the two, you can start playing on one device, and then if you want to switch, you can pick up exactly where you left off. You aren’t able to do this with any other operating system, and the transition between the Xbox and a gaming PC is seamless. 

Games Are Optimized For Windows

The macOS has always been a contentious point when it comes to operating systems and gameplay. Over the last few years, they have seen an increase in popularity from this side of the tracks, but when you measure it against windows users, it is tiny. One of the main reasons for this is the limited number of games on offer anywhere else. Games have been designed to be used on Windows since gaming became a thing. Because of this, there is already a well-established road map on how to optimize games for windows. When you have that much availability across an array of game developers, all of whom optimize their games for windows, why would you consider any other operating system? Windows sometimes may be annoying and have issues that can send us into a fury, but the library they have access to, and the game that has been developed for their OS make it, so gamers have the best access to whatever they want. 

We’re Not Saying Windows 10 Is Perfect

Please don’t think we’re saying that Windows 10 is perfect because it is far from it, especially when it comes to those updates that can happen mid gameplay. Even if you turn off the automatic updates, they still find a way to introduce themselves at exactly the wrong time and then update anyway. We’re not saying it is perfect, it does need improvement before it becomes a sound system, but it is one of the best systems out there when it comes to gameplay. 

Final Thoughts

As it stands, windows are best for gaming at this point as its games are optimized for windows, and Windows 10 has been optimized for gaming. You can seamlessly switch between console and pc and pick up exactly where you left off if you have access to both. You can now also make the most of the Xbox live platform on your pc without paying for the subscription. If you are going to buy a gaming pc, look no further than a windows operating system.

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