5 New Skills Generation Z Is Picking Up In 2020 According to Career Counsellors


  • Are you in college and looking to create a credible source of income that will generate profitable opportunities? Have you tried investing small amounts in cryptocurrency trading, or setting up a new and lucrative career in blogging?
  • Do you know how Crypto Exchanges and Trading Platforms work and how they can help you generate small profits for your investment?

There are various profitable income-earning opportunities that many are still unaware of. While traditional models of jobs and employment continue to erode, newer forms of technological marvels are frequently coming up on the horizon. 

If you are young and want to try something innovative and fun that will set you apart from the rest and impart the cool factor, might we suggest investing in cryptocurrencies?

In this article, we look at how Generation Z is trying to open up reliable and credible sources of income generation online. 

5 New Skills Generation Z is picking up to explore New Earning Opportunities: The List

1. Investing in Cryptocurrencies

According to financial experts, the majority of individuals investing in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoins are below the thirty-five-year mark. Investor ages are going as low as 20, and they are the ones who are gaining the maximum profits from investing. 

There are many reasons for this, including the ease and proficiency of using digital mediums and technology to understand how new avenues work. If you are someone who is still in college, you can explore trading in Bitcoins through the bitcoin-up 

2. Creating a New Blogging Career

Many youngsters are actively taking up blogging as a second profession to earn handsomely on the side. Blogging part-time does not require a lot of investments or time. It can be done easily with the help of minimal investments and a clear plan of action. 

You can identify areas that you are passionate about and create an easy and user-friendly WordPress blogging site. Do not worry about the area of interest. Millions of readers will throng your website. All you need to ensure is the quality of your content. 

3. Explore a Career of a Social Media Influencer

If you love fashion, or cooking, or even fitness, you can dedicate some time to becoming an influencer. People, who have been born in the social media age, are naturals when it comes to being influencers on platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Snap, or Pinterest. 

Create small videos, review brands, and their products, and educate audiences about its effectiveness. If you are successful, you will see a steady follower base build up in no time. The key is to stick with this for some time until the brands start taking note of your engagement. 

4. Become an Affiliate Marketer

Every time you review someone to Amazon and the person ends up making a purchase, you will get a small commission from Amazon. All you need to do is create a workable affiliate website and draw audiences in by setting up a robust Inbound Marketing strategy. 

Identify a niche, create blog content on it, and set up your Amazon Affiliate Program. You can also create multiple affiliate programs for Walmart and brand-centric memberships. By sharing the same on social media, you stand to earn high commissions from these tech giants. 

5. Become an Online Educator on an Ed-tech Platform

Along with online gaming, online education is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. Try reaching out to an Edtech platform and offering your services as an online educator. All you need to do is dedicate a couple of hours every week in creating a learning video on a topic. 

Edtech platforms offer a lot of money if you are creative enough with your educative content. Over a period, you can branch out and set up your Online Tuition Classes. 


Picking up any one of the skills mentioned above does not require a lot of investment. All you need to do is be innovative and smart about the opportunities which you are exploring. It will help you create a great source of generating income within a short time.

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