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tIDE 2.66-1~getdeb1
Java IDE
tIDE is a small but powerful and full featured opensource Java integrated development environment (IDE)

Available for Ubuntu: 14.10

Updated: 2015-01-21 19:00:03 | Changes

Chatty 0.7.3-1~getdeb1
Twitch Chat Client for Desktop
Twitch chat client for everyone who wants to try something new and different from the webchat, but doesn't want the complexity of an IRC client or miss out on the Twitch specific features.

Available for Ubuntu: 14.10

Updated: 2015-01-20 17:50:03 | Changes

SimpleScreenRecorder 0.3.3-1~getdeb2~utopic
feature-rich screen recorder that supports X11 and OpenGL
SimpleScreenRecorder is a feature-rich screen recorder that supports X11 and OpenGL. It has a Qt-based graphical user interface. It can record the entire screen or part of it, or record OpenGL applications directly. The recording can be paused and resumed at any time. Many different file formats and codecs are supported.

Available for Ubuntu: 14.10, 15.04

Updated: 2015-01-17 21:10:03 | Changes

Frostwire 6.0.3-1~getdeb1
High quality, FREE peer-to-peer application
FrostWire is a high quality, FREE peer-to-peer application. It's core is based on LimeWire but it also supports bittorrent.

Available for Ubuntu: 14.10

Updated: 2015-01-03 01:00:10 | Changes

qStopMotion 2.0.0-1~getdeb1
Creates stop-motion animation movies
qStopMotion is a free application for creating stop-motion animation movies. The users will be able to create stop-motions from pictures imported from a camera or from the harddrive and export the animation to different video formats such as mpeg or avi.

Available for Ubuntu: 14.10

Updated: 2015-01-02 22:00:06 | Changes

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