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Miam Player 0.8.0-1~getdeb2~yakkety
Cross-platform open source music player
Miam Player is a cross-platform open source music player.

* Fast and reliable
* Read .mp3, .m4a (MP4), .flac, .ogg, .oga (OGG Vorbis),
.asf, .ape (Monkey Audio), .opus and more!
* Customize everything: User Interface, Covers, Shortcuts,
Buttons, Themes
* Read and edit metadata using Taglib

Available for Ubuntu: 16.10, 17.04

Updated: 2016-10-21 22:50:03 | Changes

tsMuxeR 2.6.11-1~getdeb4~yakkety
mux video to TS/M2TS files or create BD disks - GUI
tsMuxeR can be run in track detection mode or muxing mode. If run tsMuxeR with only one argument then tsMuxeR display input track information required to construct meta file. If run tsMuxeR with two arguments tsMuxeR start muxing or demuxing process.

Available for Ubuntu: 16.10, 17.04

Updated: 2016-10-17 21:00:03 | Changes

Multi-View Environment 0.0.0+git20150523-1~getdeb2~yakkety
Multi-View Environment
The Multi-View Environment, MVE, is an implementation of a complete end-to-end pipeline for image-based geometry reconstruction. It features Structure-from-Motion, Multi-View Stereo and Surface Reconstruction. The individual steps of the pipeline are available as command line applications, but most features are also available from our user interface UMVE. The project is developed at TU-Darmstadt by Michael Goesele's research group.

Available for Ubuntu: 16.10, 17.04

Updated: 2016-10-17 16:50:03 | Changes

Mobile Media Converter 1.7.2-1~getdeb2~yakkety
Free video and audio converter and YouTube downloader
The Mobile Media Converter is a free video and audio converter for converting between popular desktop media formats like MP3, Windows Media Audio (wma), Ogg Vorbis Audio (ogg), Wave Audio (wav), MPEG video, AVI, Windows Media Video (wmv), Flash Video (flv), QuickTime Video (mov) and commonly used mobile devices/phones formats like AMR audio (amr) and 3GP video. iPod/iPhone and PSP compatible MP4 video are supported. Moreover, you can remove and add new formats or devices through the internet.

Available for Ubuntu: 16.10, 17.04

Updated: 2016-10-16 23:30:03 | Changes

Something For Reddit 0.2-1~getdeb2~yakkety
Something For Reddit
Simple Reddit client for GNOME, built for touch, mouse and VIM keyboards.

Available for Ubuntu: 16.10, 17.04

Updated: 2016-10-16 23:00:09 | Changes

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