Learning Piano Online: Tickling Your Fancy for Tickling the Ivories

Playing the piano, or any musical instrument is perfectly natural to some and an absolute mystery to others. But for the majority of ordinary people, playing the piano remains an enticing hobby and even a possible career path. Whether your goal is to entertain and impress friends at a party or fill a stadium of adoring fans, taking piano lessons is going to be the first step.

But lessons can be boring and take years to produce results. They can be awkward and stressful. They can be prohibitively expensive, and that’s a recurring expense. Imagine paying twenty dollars or much more, every week for one year; now imagine doing that for ten years. It’s even more expensive for in-home lessons. Otherwise, students may have to travel considerable distances for their lessons at an even greater expense of time and money and convenience.

So for a lot of people, the dream of learning piano has remained out of reach.

Until now.

Because like everything else, the challenge of learning to play piano has been revolutionized by the internet. Online tutorial videos and Skype sessions with qualified instructors have made learning from home easier than ever. Apps like Skoove teach you everything from correct piano posture and hand position through chords and notes and arpeggios to playing popular songs with ease, with full control of what songs you learn.

Learning by the app has advantages that even Skype and other online approaches can’t offer.

With apps like Skoove, you can take as many lessons per week as you like, in your own home, freeing yourself up from massive commitments of time and money and trouble. You can take your lessons in your pajamas if you like, at any time of the day or night. Your creativity will be as untethered as your inspiration.

And you can work at your own pace. Repeat lessons as you wish, or skip over them as your skills advance. And you’ll be playing the songs you love, whatever they may be, a lot sooner. Skoove has 400 songs over ten courses, and that number is likely to increase as Skoove, and other learning apps become more popular.

Another great aspect of learning apps like Skoove is that you don’t have to spend hours playing painful scales. Traditional learning practices are replaced with revolutionary learning techniques that keep learning fun, fast, and pain-free. You can also say goodbye to judgmental instructors, last-minute practice sessions, or other stresses associated with music lessons. It’s just the student and the app, with nobody to judge and no reason to rush.

You won’t get the one-on-one instruction a tutor can offer, including immediate feedback, but FaceTime or Skype lessons have this drawback too. And either is better than walking ten miles in the snow to take a piano lesson. And Skoove will detect missed notes or beats in real-time on your phone, iPad, or laptop, which a lot of human instructors may miss.

Skoove can also be helpful as a supplement if you’re already studying music or taking music lessons, certain to quicken any student’s progress. And if you’re studying a different instrument, any instrument, learning piano will only increase your understanding of musical principles, timing, chordal arrangements, and more!

You can also share Skoove with your friends, support one another, share your results, even duet from different locations! At last, the internet is truly bringing people together.

So if time, convenience, money, humility, or physical pain has ever stopped you from learning the piano, the time has come to reconsider. Thanks to Skoove and others, they’ve got an app for that!

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