5 Micro SaaS Ideas That Could Make You a Small Fortune in 2020

Everyone wants that new big tech idea, but too few people are pulling out a pen and paper and noting things down when those ideas float by. 

From the growing numbers of freelancers to the massive swings of diet trends, here are five micro SaaS ideas that I’ve scribbled down at some point or other.

Strategic Content Planner

Every business needs content. Whether you’re talking blog posts, social media content, or articles, the benefits of flexing your knowledge online as a business are huge.

With organic digital marketing being such an essential element of growth nowadays, businesses are putting more and more focus on content marketing. 

Producing quality content is tough, slow, and time-consuming. Planning is vital when it comes to staying on top of lots of different spinning plates as a business, and content is no different. 

An app that allows to plan and set out content production and publication strategically, and features the notifications and prompts at the right moments could save a small business a lot of hassle.

Customer Relations Management for Freelancers

Freelancers nowadays wear many different hats. Beyond learning the skill they’re selling, they’re marketing themselves, they’re learning sales, they’re managing client accounts. That’s a lot of task juggling. 

The right customer relations management apps, designed specifically for freelancers, could prove invaluable. All that would be required for a basic CRM is a contact list, tasks, and a pipeline. 

Like with any other app nowadays, making it predominantly mobile could also prove beneficial to those nomadic, offices-less freelancers. With the growth of freelancing in recent years, this kind of app could potentially have a big target market.

Rise of the Fussy Eaters – Food/Drink Ordering App

Regardless of your opinion, people have never been fussier when it comes to food and drink choice. From the gluten intolerant to the vegans and vegetarians (there’s been a 388% increase in vegan takeaway orders over the last few years) it can be a real chore considering everyone’s dietary choices.

It can present loads of little problems. From tea/coffee rounds to ordering food from takeaways, there are lots of small niches which the right micro SaaS app could patch up and profiteer from.

Sales and Target Tracking for Freelancers

Once again, we’re back to freelancers! Sales tracking as a small business or freelancer can quickly become overwhelming, especially if you’re getting a thousand different tasks done a day. 

A simple micro SaaS app, maybe a browser plugin, could help automate sales tasks and processes, while also generating performance-tracking data. It could be vital for any freelance sales-based entrepreneurs looking to gain greater control of their overall business direction and goal awareness.

Simple Allergy-Aware Restaurant/Takeaway Locator

Another idea is catering to those fussy eaters. A simple, easy-to-use app that locates and points out local restaurants and takeaways that offer allergy-aware dining. It would also be ideal for vegans.

There’s already plenty of store locator type micro SaaS apps. This idea piggy-backs off of that to produce an app that could be massively convenient for those sick of struggling to find places to eat. 

And while your next app idea may be just a trove for some investors, it is always a good idea to check how far will investments go in terms of development. We recommend contacting Elinext app developer for your app cost assessment and development services.

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